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Q1 2024
>3500 m²

The most technologically advanced serviced office in Cyprus

Accommodation types
Team office
Dedicated office space, good for large teams looking for a high-level of privacy with its own amenities
Enclosed office, good to be considered as a team-hub for mid-size or small teams
Dedicated office space, good for mid-size or large teams with its own private amenities
Large-scale sharing space with wide range of workplace typologies for individual work and collaboration
Private area
Private area
Private area
Sharing area
A variety of space scenarios to suit any request, easy planning for growth or surrender.
Find out how the space inside is arranged
Floor N
Cafe & Bar & Restaurant
Event space
Team office
Cafe & Bar & Restaurant
Event space & Multiclub
Team office
Floor N
Headquarter 1
Office suites
Team office
Headquarter 1
Suite offices
Team office
Floor N
Headquarter 3
Headquarter 3
Headquarter 2
Headquarter 2
Floor N
Floor N
Floor N
Completely changing the idea of office rent
Ready to move-in office
Offices created for the comfort and enjoyment of people, freedom of choice
Rich indoor infrastructure and sea view are the distinctive features of Beon.

Restaurant is not just a place for dining, but also a real culinary experience. It is decorated in accordance with the philosophy of the entire building and has a magnificent sea view. It is designed to serve not only the internal needs of the company, but also be a welcoming place to meet with external clients and partners

A breath of fresh sea air is never far away, as the nearby beaches invite you to unwind and soak in the coastal serenity after a productive day. Beon is surrounded by a tapestry of urban amenities that enhance both work and lifestyle.
Beon is not only a business hub, meanwhile it`s a community hub.

Business lounge which has become a kind of bridge between office and informal space, where residents can meet for informal discussions and leisurely conversations. Outdoor areas provide an opportunity to spend working time outdoors, inspired by the beauty of the coast.

Corporate café has also become a space for informal meetings where ideas can blossom in a free environment. Multimedia hall, which can change according to needs, has become an ideal place for seminars, presentations and any kind of creative events.
Book Workplaces
Search for colleagues
Control light and climate
Booking of meeting rooms
Chat with teams
Order from cafe
Control Multimedia
Colleague service
Navigate through the office
FACE ID Lockers
E-invite guests
Inviting guests
Manage office infrastructure
Communicate efficiently
Personalize your stay in the office
Even more features with the mobile app by Multispace
Call for assistant
Request for parking
Request for IT-support
Receive required service
Hospitality service
Data-driven analytics
What`s included
Manages overall office operations and security, overseeing the staff, maintains supplies
  • 24-hour security
  • Coffee points
  • Consumables supply
  • Air quality & lighting control
  • Fully furnished offices
  • IT & tech support
  • Utility payments
  • Cleaning services
Automates all office functions, satisfies everyday business tasks for efficient and comfortable work
  • FACE ID & ACS video access
  • Lockers
  • Mobile App
  • Wi-Fi
  • Equipped meeting rooms
  • Data – driven analytics
Adapts the accommodation to the needs of residents and reception of guests, holding events
  • Community events
  • Free smart guest parking
  • Mail and package handling
  • Open air chill-out areas handling
  • 24/7 access
  • Café and restaurant services
  • Guest invitation via Mobile App
  • Administrative support
Helps to track office indicators: from attendance to meeting room booking statistics
  • Power BI Reports
  • Big Data from the ACS mobile app and video
Located in the heart of Paphos
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